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Alongsides, I've also uploaded two more updates: no$gba v2.9a ... added Y button hotkey: load NDS/DSi title from ROM-cartridge slot ..... I noticed I was able to boot my Acekard 2i despite having ntrboothax installed to it. Wholesale Acekard 2i [DP-AK2I] - US$12.54 : Wholesale Video Game ... The Acekard 2i can be used as a passkey, so you can boot your slot2 flash carts with it. AK2i also support 3in1 expansion cart. You can run gba games from ... Acekard 2.1 for Nintendo DS Lite ( R4DS-DS.COM Free shipping Acekard Team Acekard 2.1 Flash Cards for Nintendo DS Lite. ... Shop R4 DS, R4i SDHC, R4i Gold For Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL/LL and 3DS. Sign in or create .... Can be used as a Passme to boot from slot-2 flash carts. Run GBA ... You can run gba games from MicroSD card directly.

How do you play gba games on acekard? You cannot play GBA games on the AceKard without the help of a Slot-2 device. ... business days by normal shipping. m3i zero and acekard 2i are very popular ...

Put the Acekard 2i into your Nintendo DSi and select it from the menu. Once loaded, choose 'SD slot' then choose the folder 'Games'. Choose which game/ROM you want to play and it should load ... Acekard 2i - SNES/NES Emulator? - Blockland ZSNESW works on a flashcart? I've seen a few on youtube that have flashcarts that can use NES and SNES emulators. Really want one so I can get some games to play, I don't have too many DS games. DSi Flash • Nintendo DSi Flash Card It's a given that SD card slot that's begging to be blocked by a firmware update issued by Nintendo. For what it is hard to say how well the Acekard 2i will hold up. So, the Acekard 2i, the world's first DSi flash cart... Or being it? In a way, yes it is. You can run DS homebrew and games on the DSi. How to Put Games on Your Acekard 2.1 - wikiHow How to Put Games on Your Acekard 2.1. Just bought an Acekard 2.1 and don't know how to use it? Don't fret. This article will show you how. Buy a Micro SD card.

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May 3, 2011 ... Complicated answer is if you have a DS/DS Lite and a Slot-2 flashcard then you can access the slot-2 card with the AceKard. If you want a ... AKAIO - WikiTemp, the GBAtemp wiki Jan 20, 2015 ... If your microSD slot is spring loaded make sure it "clicks." Insert the Acekard ... (IE: ak2loader if you are using the Acekard 2/2.1/2i). Users can ... Is there a flash card that fit's perfect in a Nintendo DS Lite ... The 3in1 expansion cart isn't really a GBA flash cart, but if you have a ... You'll still need a slot-1 flash card (i.e. Acekard 2i, R4, Supercard ... List of Nintendo DS and 3DS flash cartridges - Wikipedia

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Acekard 2 i, is it any good? | RomUlation Because I found an Acekard 2 i for under 20 Aus dollars, so im not sure thats the best for such a cheap price lol. ... Btw, will I still be able to play my GBA Slot enhancement on it? Currently I have Ez-flash 3 in 1 in my GBA cart slot on my DS Lite. Invghost, Mar 30, 2010 #9. ace1o1 Well-Known Member. ... You should get a AceKard 2i, They're ... Acekard 2I Firmware - allinforum Acekard 2i На днях вышла новая офицальная прошивка "Nintendo" для DSi и DSi XL под номером 1.4.1 J/U/E и 1.4.2 C для китайской. Before Acekard 2i kernel installation, it is suggested to format the micro SD/SDHC card in your computer by using the USB adapter.

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Acekard 2i AK2i for Nintendo 3DS DSi XL DSi DS Lite. Image 1. Image 2 ... any file in MicroSD card; Can be used as a Passme to boot from slot-2 flash carts. Acekard 2, AK2 Card, AKAIO Kernel for Nintendo DS / DS Lite, www ... Acekard 2, AK2 card with AKAIO kernel works for Nintendo DS Lite and DS. ... any file in MicroSD card; Can be used as a Passme to boot from slot-2 flash carts. ... 3DS: No (recommend guide page); Support DSi XL / DSi: No; Support DS Lite  ... Acekard 2i DSi, GamerSection Acekard 2i writes directly to the save file on your MicroSD card. ... to boot from slot-2 flash carts (This features works on NDS and DS Lite but not DSi). ... The Acekard 2 can be used as a passkey, so you can boot your slot2 flash carts with it . How To: Set Up an Acekard 2i Flash Card - iThinkDifferent

Where can I get a slot-2 DS flashcart that supports GBA ... I would suggest the EZ flash 3-in-1 personally because most flashcarts supports it and you can play GBA directly from the Slot-1 card with it without any patching the roms or having to flash your DS. ace1o1, May 5, 2010 #2. Poooopiesss Member. Ahhh! Thank you SO much! >w< I'm gonna go with the 3-in-1. You, sir, are awesome.