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Slotting the Struts - Slotting the strut allows you to adjust the camber setting on the wheel. So if this is a crude drawing of the strut intersecting the wheel, you slot the strut where ... SP05S Uniform Front Strut Tower And Apron

1-5/8 x 1-5/8 in. 14 Gauge Galvanized Half Slot Strut ... Solutions. With superior services, our premiere loyalty program and cutting edge technology solutions, we provide you with what you need in order to set your business apart from others. strut nuts on top of shock tower, how tight, how much spin ... SN Certified Technician. The nut should not spin easily on the strut even when loose (most struts seem to use a prevailing torque method). There should be an inserted metal bushing inside the durometric bushing. As you cinch the nut up, the metal bushing (sleeve) will allow the nut to get tight. Because using air tools on struts can damage them,... 10 ft. 12-Gauge Half Slotted Metal Framing Strut Channel ...

BMR Mustang Camber Bolts FC001 (05-14 All)

E36 and E46 Front Strut Tower Crack Repair and Reinforcement ... However since this car already had two cracked strut towers we decided to go the extra mile and rosette weld the plates to the strut tower for a more secure solution. Having the reinforcement welded to the strut tower makes future work on the suspension easier and ads some structure to the strut tower itself. Strut Tower Brace or Strut Bar - Formula 1 Dictionary Strut Tower Brace or Strut Bar . The best kinds of performance modifications are those that are simple and inexpensive. While it's easy to get lost on the costly way to squeezing more horsepower out of an engine, another and often more effective route to take is to try to improve handling and put existing horsepower to better use. Does anyone else find GM strut design annoying? - Car Forums ... OK good info J-ri, that makes things clearer. You can tell that I haven't ever used an alignment rack much :icon16:. I did want to mention that the GM W-body 88-9x Grand Prix, Cutlass etc, has the struts that come out through the top and the strut tube is fastened permanently to the knuckle and you have to elongated the strut tower holes to change the camber.

Several options still apply. One a top bearing plate for the strut that is adjustable. Two, loosen the strut tower move it down and use a burr bit to make the holes elongated where the strut mounts on top, this was a common one on ford tarus. Three, Burr bit the lower control arm holes. Four, a full contact hub shim.

Shock Towers rusted-out!!!!! Caravan | Voyager Car Forums ... The upper strut towers are more for the location of the strut and a base for the strut spring to push. Slotting Strut Towers - More Negative Camber - YouTube Instagram: SeanS54 How to slot your strut towers for more negative camber. How/if to slot strut towers | Forum Is it possible to slot the 3 strut tower holes toward the center of the engine bay to gain more camber and then just use the camber bolts to even up any left/right discrepancies? If so how much would we need to slot them to say gain 1 more... Slotting strut towers | Forum - NASIOC Found several threads about slotting the lower bolt hole on the damper but nothing on the tower itself.This is how I slotted my struts. On the front strut you only slot the bottom hole, NOT THE TOP.

Aftermarket strut tower bars are generally considered to be decorative on many brand new cars. However, it seems to be a bit more logical that a chassis with 100K miles would have developed some...

So my new Stillen Strut tower brace came in and I was excited as hell to install it. At first I wasn’t going to do a full write up on it since Stillen’s instructions are pretty clear but also includes the the instructions to install it on the 09 Maxima but I know that there are people out there who are not as mechanically...

Slot Strut Nut Video.mp4 sharmi959. Loading... Unsubscribe from sharmi959? ... Why Not to Buy a Cheap Quick Strut Assembly for Your Car - Duration: 6:49. Scotty Kilmer 932,790 views.

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User Tag List | Forum Or is the camber/caster kit only needed if your sprint/strut or coilover assembly does not include the ability to make the adjustments (they don't include camber/caster plate) (for example, the Bilstein Suspension Kit B14 PSS)? Install the GrimmSpeed Strut Tower Brace on a Scion FR-S A strut tower brace ties the two sides of your car together to increase rigidity and improve handling characteristics. The FR-S/BRZ/GT86 already has two braces going from the strut towers to the firewall, but adding a third going straight across completes the triforce of power! This tutorial was made... Camber Angle | Camber Angle Adjustment On MacPherson strut systems, a slotted hole is located on the strut arms bolt hole adjusting and attaching it to the steering knuckle. Usually the cam is slotted onto an eccentric bolt and as the bolt is turned, the strut arm is moved inward or outward for camber adjustments. Are front strut tower bars worth it or what? | Forum