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[Apache] [users@httpd] 2.2 proxy connection pool gone… (2 replies) Hi there, I am setting up an apache 2.2 reverse proxy, that should use a connection pool to connect to the backend.proxy_util.c(1670): proxy: grabbed scoreboard slot 1 in child 16519 for worker proxy:reverse [Fri Feb 01 13:36:32 2008] [debug] proxy_util.c(1689): proxy: worker proxy...

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Gossamer Mailing List Archive. Hello folks, I have been doing some testing with Apache 2.2.4 recently, and one of the things I am particularly interested in is the pooling of backend connections of mod_proxy's as this makes it possible to maintain persistent connections to backend systems across requests from different clients no matter whether the client connections are persistent or not. HTTP 500 interner Serverfehler bei Page … Interessant können doch nur Meldungen mit HTTP 1/1... 500 sein oder? Es gibt im ganzen Log keine Fehlermeldung 500. Da frage ich mich ja wie das schon wieder sein kann der Fehler wird ja immerhin im Browser angezeigt. tls - Installed new Wildcard certificates on my server

Proxy Server Support¶. Basic Usage¶. To make Grab send requests through a proxy server, use the proxy option: G.setup(proxy=''). If the proxy server requires authentication, use the proxy_userpwd option to specify the username and password...

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How did we get here? • A stroll down mod_proxy lane – First available in Apache 1.1 • “Experimental Caching Proxy Server” – In Apache 1.2, pretty stable, but just HTTP/1.0 – In Apache 1.3, much improved with added support for HTTP/1.1 – In Apache 2.0, break out cache and proxy 7 Wrong number httpd.worker process | Plesk Forum 2013-10-6 · MaxRequestsPerChild 0 After i remove nginx and after httpdmng reconfigure all and reconfigure server every time i restart or graceful restart the httpd process i see 10 httpd.worker process (correctly like StartServers) and after a couple of second 7 were killed (defunct). mod_wsgi-express complains about undefined symbol: … I just run mod_wsgi-express start-server to see that mod_wsgi was working, which it is. I have developed a small application using Flask, which is working fine when executing"flask run", showing a … 45420 – mod_proxy_ajp url handling 1. Bugzilla is not user support forum, but for reporting bugs. So please the user support mailing list ( Your

** Low Priority ** Brian I read the applicable part of the doc and tried ProxyPassReverse with and without dns names and with and without the proxy section but I still can't get reverse proxy to work.

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[Apache] [Bug 54698] New: Segmentation Fault with ... scoreboard slot 1 in child 5511 for worker proxy:reverse [Thu Mar 14 18:45:24 2013] [debug] proxy_util.c(1820): proxy: grabbed scoreboard slot 1 in child 5508 for worker proxy:reverse What does "grabbed scoreboard slot" mean when running ...